Dirty Monsters: Bloody Secrets

Dirty Monsters: Bloody Secrets“I thought everything was going well. Despite their natural apprehension, the troupe has been performing spectacularly well – so much so that the Hallowe’en acts prompted a visit from one of our forefathers, Mr Harvey Burfoot. The veil between life and death is, after all, thinnest at Samhain.

“It was a heady evening! My guard down, I accidentally mentioned my plan, explaining how it would give Burfoot’s Circus security and space to develop our skills. The idea was not completely disregarded, so I have high hopes.

“While I still have not discovered who is borrowing The History and presumably reading it, I’m certain I soon will. Also, the townies accused us of stealing their wallets. I’ve no idea if this is true. There was an unpleasant scene as we packed up to leave for Blandford Forum, diffused thanks to my taking charge, with help from Bridget’s spells and The Boy’s natural charm.

“I’m sorry to report that not sure how to hesitant to repeat not sure what happened after that but one of the performers has run away left us. She packed in the night and has apparently gone back to the Real World, knowing what the penalty is for desertion.

“Harvey, if you’re reading this, please don’t hurt her.”

Goodreads reviews of ‘Bloody Secrets’

“Holt’s wonderful style of writing was back again for round two and it was once again beautifully written, reminding me of poems yet with so much more depth and care. She delved into how selfish some of the characters were, the sacrifices some made for secrets, she covered the aspect of betrayal and fear through friends and family…”
Amanda, reviewer at Book Badger


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